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Vídeo de Apresentação apis3
Vídeo de Apresentação apis3


Campaign Kicaldo 25 years with Rodrigo Mocotó


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Both Hemispheres of The Brain Working Together is What Takes Us Further


BRANDING & Culture

Your brand is much more than a logo: it is an understanding that drives your business and a culture to be nurtured. Branding is a business management approach based on a brand vision.


Innovative businesses rises from understanding consumer behavior, mapping buying journeys, and searching for inspiration. Together we're going to introduce creativity-driven mechanisms and routines.

DIGITAL Marketing

The moment of Digital Transformation has arrived! Count on a senior technical team led by a former Google engineer in Media, SEO, Analytics, Social Media, and all digital disciplines, from the most strategic to the most creative.


Smart Fit

Smart Fit had its best quarter (January to March) in its history, with a net gain of 399 thousand students during the period – 308 thousand in January alone, which was also the best month in Smart Fit’s history.



We developed a proprietary methodology focused on organic optimization to increase Waze's reach on a global scale, achieving over 400% growth in English-speaking countries.



Kicaldo - so far the "bean brand" -, had the ambition to expand its products portfolio. So how to communicate this to the consumers on a national scale?



After purchasing Vivo and GVT, Telefônica Brasil no longer had an important role as a commercial brand focused on the final target. The rebranding as Telco Digital had to respect global guidelines...

Planning, Executing, and Measuring All The Time

A group of independent companies that aims empowering organizations and causes through communication and technology, promoting cultural and digital transformation to reflect positive impact.

A consulting agency that works with leaders to change their companies, teams and products. We work for different markets organizations with excellence projects in Brazil and worldwide.

A performance-oriented agency for startups, local businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to turn accessible all high-performance services along with the most advanced Digital Marketing solutions.

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An agency with health specialists that put together know-how with creativity and innovation. We have years of experience in the health market and also a technical team that offers unique and consistent solutions.

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A production company dedicated to audiovisual, entertainment, culture and art projects. We have diverse scopes and purposes cases of artists' personal branding, launch campaigns and videos production.

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A school dedicated to teams' customized development through courses, training and in-company talks, and also specialization degrees, open courses and university lectures.

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ESG Impact

apis3 understands that the best way to create relevant social impact within our reality is by collaborating with skills and competences alongside those who already have relevant initiatives related to themes we see from the same angle. Therefore, our work takes place through services donation (whether total or partial) to institutions, projects, or other types of organizations, by adding up to more than R$ 1,000,000 per year in service to institutions with an ESG focus.

We have been acting more consistently on Culture & Art, Education, Social Mobility and Early Childhood Development, but we are open to new themes and project types.

ESG Impact