apis3 is a

What is B Certification?

It is a global certification that recognizes companies that, in addition to being economically profitable, are concerned with making a positive impact on society, in various aspects such as ecosystem, community, and work environment.

Pillars we support

In our journey, we have contributed to the dissemination of various projects to give visibility to the causes that we believe are fundamental to making the world a better place.

If you believe in these principles and their transformative power, know that by being our partner you will also contribute to these causes and that more people and initiatives will benefit.

Socio-environmental impact

Since apis3 was created in 2011, we believe in work carried out jointly by teams from different areas of knowledge. Therefore, we have always cared about our employees and invested in benefits policies, such as incentives for employees who want to improve their technical skills in free courses, language courses or postgraduate studies.
In addition, throughout our history, we have given voice to projects that are responsible for promoting quality education for children and young people; democratize access to art and culture; and train professionals for the job market. Get to know some of them:

apis3 donates more than R$1,000,000 / year in service to institutions with an ESG focus.

The Sustainable Development Goals at apis3

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute a global call to action promoted by the United Nations (UN). Its goal is to eradicate poverty, protect the environment and the climate, and ensure that all people, regardless of their location, can enjoy peace and prosperity. apis3 seeks to contribute to sustainable development, focusing on the following SDGs:

What to expect for the future of apis3?

We will evolve even more together with other B system companies to build a better world. As the certificate is renewed every three years, we affirm our commitment to positively impact society, give visibility to more projects and adopt policies designed for the preservation of the environment and to transform the reality of people around us.


Cannes award-winning advertiser graduated from ECA-USP, and a professor at FIA Business School. He attended an executive program focused on Early Childhood Development at Harvard University in partnership with Núcleo Ciência Pela Infância. He is also a member of the Children and Adolescent Institute of HC committee, at the School of Medicine of the USP.


Mechatronics Engineer from Unicamp, post-graduated in Finance by FIA Business School and a post-graduate professor at the same institution. Specialist in Digital Marketing with previous experience at Google, where he received the Google Innovation Awards: 1˚ and 2˚ places in Latin America. Worked previously in companies such as 3M, Valeo and ALL