The Best Results Come From
The Way We Think and Act


Waze's global team identified the needed to increase the app's reach in the app stores. Following this request, Google searched for partners worldwide and couldn't find a company technically ready to have this work done. So they invited apis3 to design and implement an ASO (App Store Optimization) framework for Waze at a global scale. The market presented the following scenario: 60% of the downloads are determined when someone searches apps in the stores; if the company does not have a structured data for decision-making and an iteration culture based on user feedback, this behavior proves to be quite challenging.


At that time, there were no structured references for developing organic optimization for app stores, so we used our proprietary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methodology as a starting point. The main goal of this operation was the opportunity to develop a methodology from scratch with the support of a very high-performance team - Waze's marketing team. We also designed a experimentation culture with A/B tests, which led us to new achievements.


The development and implementation of a proprietary ASO methodology have resulted in over 400% growth in the app downloads in English-speaking countries, increased clarity in decision-making for the Waze team, and provided a better understanding of structured data.

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