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After purchasing Vivo and GVT, Telefônica Brasil no longer had an important role as a commercial brand focused on the final target. The rebranding as Telco Digital had to respect global guidelines and the company faced the negative recall challenges that the telecom category usually has with its consumers.


The project started with a strategic immersion in all company levels. The second phase was to bind the mapping results to benchmark studies and secondary data to build a strategic alignment that was more accurate with the leadership. This analysis brought new brand guidelines and a new approach: Telefônica is no longer a typical telecom, it is a digital telco. It is a company that brings a foundation to work digitally on a national scale. Here at apis3, we designed a new verbal and visual identity for Telefônica Brasil respecting the brand's logo, but also searching for an expansion that would make it more modern, fluid, and technological. The whole strategy envisaged the original content creation giving leadership protagonism with a multiplatform layout for the final target.


The project was vital for Telefônica's repositioning in Brazil, essential in the entrepreneurial ecosystem composition and in Brazil's digital revolution. LinkedIn also recognized it for its extraordinary results.

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